Artwork by Cynthia Berry

Since we become good at whatever we practice over time, what rhythms have you been practicing?  Interests become opportunities.  Opportunities can become practices.  Practices can become disciplines.  Disciplines can become skill sets.  Skills can become our passions, professions, or obsessions. 

Today’s practice blog is intended to shift your focus to the One who made your eyes, your ears, and all of your senses.  As you practice training all of your senses and systems to notice and worship your Creator, you will experience a sense of awe as God repeatedly reveals Himself through His creation.  Nature, people, animals, art, song, and stories are some of my favorite ways to experience the wonder of God speaking, teaching, revealing, and guiding us—His prize possessions.

If you’ve been caught in a season of criticizing or complaining, lift your eyes, open your ears, and begin to listen and to look for fresh sounds, sights, and even smells of God’s expression.  Practice the presence of God by quieting yourself and listening for the ways that God is speaking to you.  Listen for His voice, and be ready to be caught up in the wonder of experiencing the loving presence of God’s Spirit breaking in and transforming your experience. 

If you’ve become anxious, frustrated, discouraged, or skeptical of what you have been experiencing, I want to encourage you to slip away from people.  Go for a walk and ask God to make Himself known to you.  Turn off all of your technology and allow yourself to become a holy listener.  Listen and anticipate that your Father wants to speak to you and to connect with you.  God doesn’t want you to get organized around what’s wrong with the world, the government, your workplace, other people, or yourself.  God is a God of love, and He wants you to experience and to become rooted and anchored in His love for you. 

If you discover that “God-walks” refresh you, why not make it a daily practice?  Imagine the birds singing unto the Lord.  Imagine the clouds creating God’s artwork for you to enjoy.  Imagine the breeze as God’s Spirit blowing new life into your lungs.  Feel the heat of the sun as God’s loving presence warming your heart and body.  Anticipate God showing up in the form of people that He’s made in His likeness for you to stop and enjoy.  Allow yourself to pray and to empty onto God everything that’s been stealing your peace and your joy.  Listen for His whispers, His delight, His encouragement, or His direction.  Imagine the moon and the stars drawing your attention upwards in praise of the God of the galaxies—the One who knows each star and each of His children by name.  And if you don’t break forth into praise, the rocks around you will cry out God’s praise.  Don’t be outdone by a rock.  God designed you to praise Him and to be refreshed by practicing His presence each day.  Slow down and enjoy your moments with God and all that He’s created for His glory. 

My life will also be refreshed if you send me a picture and share a story of how God broke in and changed your life as you pursued walking and talking with God.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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