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We journey with you to freedom through intentional relationship.

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We facilitate contexts where you and your team may establish holistic health while becoming equipped to more effectively support and care for your target audience.

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We model, train, and equip you to use tools which prompt intentional conversations so that your groups may connect, heal, and grow.

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It is All About Relationships

Spirit-Driven exists to create high-impact tools which engage people in a process of holistic healing and transformation that results in people becoming free to know and to love God and one another deeply from the heart.  We are creating restorative communities for the glory of God and for the benefit of others.


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Talking Matters Feedback

Talking Matters gives you the freedom to talk to others about your hurts and pain of the past without being condemned.

- Gary, foster and adoptive parent

Our staff training with Talking Matters led to a deeper knowing and a greater appreciation and respect for one another.

- Andrew, high school principal

Talking Matters has you jump into being honest about yourself and others!  I've loved seeing my husband be transparent to our group, dropping the mask of "I'm good."

- Celeste, foster and adoptive parent

Talking Matters has fostered real, meaningful conversations that aid in real physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.  It is great to be with a group that are real friends who really care about me.

- Matt, Pastor, artist, and seniors' minister

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