Equipping People to Facilitate Purposeful Conversations in the Everyday Venues of Life.

As families, schools, businesses, churches, and communities are desperately searching for ways to intervene to help hurting people, how do we become safe people and create safe places where we can connect, heal, and grow?

Talking Matters is a process-oriented, reflective, communication tool designed to help develop and to deepen our relationships by engaging us in the process of being known and loved.


Game Objectives

As groups come together to pursue holistic health by playing Talking Matters, participants are challenged to increase their:
• Personal, emotional, social, and spiritual awareness
• Communication and boundary setting skills
• Ability to give and receive care, help, and love in relationships
• Sense of value, significance, and purpose



Our homes daily are ripe for growth in character through nurture.


Our community spaces are regular places for intentional conversation and may be enriched all the more!


Our schools are set up for growth, and equipping in order to overcome the unique challenges of each individual is critical.


Our workplaces function most efficiently as employees are healthy themselves and teams functioning in unity.


A PDF of the game directions may be viewed at the link below:

Talking Matters Directions

Talking Matters - Sample Prompt

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