Developing high-impact tools, people, and relationships


Relationally healthy restorative communities



All action subject to the Spirit’s leading within us.

It is God’s Spirit that empowers us to live with purpose and mission.  Facilitating others to this encounter; to spark in individuals a life-long, whole-life journeying with the Spirit of God.


It is all about what God has “wired” us to do.

We are called to your people-group, not some other sphere that we are not connected with.  It is discovery of our heart and what God has made us passionate about.

Our Why

Spirit-Driven exists to create high-impact tools that which engage people in a process of holistic healing and transformation that results in people becoming free to know and to love one another deeply from the heart.  We are creating restorative communities across the world for the glory of God and for the benefit of others.

Because every part of you and your life matters to God, each and every part of our lives should matter to us and to one another.  But how do we learn to develop deep interior lives and connected relationships where we actually believe, think, and relate in ways that treasure the parts of ourselves that make up the whole?  We definitely don’t develop in a vacuum.  We each have gifts to give and to receive relationally.  We were designed by God to have deep connections with God, with ourselves, and with one another.  But we are disheartened with how we see and hear people as they relate with God, self, and others.  We believe God is insulted when people question His existence when everything we see across this world reflects His beauty and majesty.  We believe God is grieved when He designed us to be deeply known and loved, and we trash one another with humor, sarcasm, and put-downs.  We don’t even have words to describe how we feel as we daily hear people talk to themselves in ways that completely lack honor, dignity, and self-respect.

Here’s the tragedy:  Instead of turning to God and to one another for love and comfort, we turn to food, work, sex, alcohol, drugs, and social media to comfort ourselves.  We build walls between us instead of bridges.  We text and message one another and build a kiosk in every marketplace instead of connecting with real people while we wait in line.  Speed is everything, yet, in the process, we are dehumanizing one another.  We’re doing it more and more because everyone else is doing it.  We rationalize the change because it saves time and money.  But in the process, we are losing our connectedness, and more and more people are hurting, lonely, and losing the ability to deeply connect.  We’re killing the hearts that should be guarded and protected and nurtured above all else.

We are inviting you to engage with us in an incredible process of rediscovering our hearts and pursuing what we’re made for.  We were made to reflect the glory of God and to love one another deeply from the heart.  In order to do so, we have to get our hearts back in line with the way that we were designed to think, to feel, to work, to play, to communicate, and to live.  This will require eating together, training together, working together, playing together, communicating frequently with one another, learning to trust and rely on one another, helping one another, and giving up our independence so that we can live in community.  Together we will become safe people who develop safe places within our community where people can connect, heal, and grow into their God-given potential.  We can only help those around us to find themselves, heal, purse health, and develop into their potential if we’re engaged in this same process ourselves.

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