Developing Spiritual Leaders

As our culture is squeezing churches and leaders into its mold, where can you go to find strong spiritual leaders who will shepherd you as you’re growing into Christlikeness? Instead of bouncing from church-to-church or patterning your life after a strong spiritual leader, start your own spiritual leadership development group using OTD 1. This cutting-edge tool will sharpen and prepare leaders for deep-heart change. While people look for charisma, God looks at the heart. OTD 1 will help you take a close look at your own heart-development as a spiritual leader as you walk through the chapters and lives of Israel’s leaders as recorded in 1 Samuel.

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Discipleship Triathlon - Part 3

OTD 1 is the third of three triathlon discipleship courses to build your spiritual fitness and prepare you for the 90-Day Cross Training Adventure. Experience iron-sharpening-iron as you invite your spiritual friends into a process of outgrowing patterns that circumvent spiritual growth. Learn together from the wisdom and mistakes of our spiritual forefathers. Take the
OTD 1 challenge as you pursue growing into your potential as a strong and healthy spiritual leader.


A PDF of the lesson covering 1 Samuel 1 may be viewed at the link below as a sample:

OTD1 - 1 Samuel 1

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