Storytelling our Way to Emotional Health

Talking Tools serve as projective screens that pull from our social-emotional landscape. Before long, our social network is in the stories. You are center stage, and all of our stuff that we thought was hidden in the back of our refrigerator, closet, shop, or garage is now speaking to and through us from our tools. Who would have thought that tools could talk? Tools can’t talk, but these tools do. And they have so much to say if we listen carefully and let them speak. Sacred stories, ancient stories, and new stories will narrate the scripts of our lives as we create safe places for safe people to connect at a heart level.

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Tool Objectives

With Talking Tools in our toolbox, our potential for developing deeply connected relationships is huge. Our potential to pursue emotional health with people we care about is now in our hands. All we have to do is slow down, make time, develop trust, and speak the truth in love with one another.

Tool Outline

A PDF of the tool objectives, settings, and directions may be viewed at the link below:

Talking Tools Outline


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