Groups - Developing High-Impact People

Spirit-Driven People

The goal is Spirit-driven people.  Equipping leaders so that they can cultivate communities where people can connect, heal, grow, and dream.

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Tools - Developing High-Impact Tools

Conversation Tools

The goal is Spirit-inspired resources using a Spirit-empowered process.  Developing resources which facilitate the process of freeing people to be Spirit-Driven.

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Our What

We listen to the intergenerational, workplace, marital and family, church, school, and neighborhood conversations in communities to discover what is important to people, what they believe, what they are thinking and feeling, what’s causing pain and frustration, as well as the systemic forces that enable problems to continue and worsen.  Through listening and noticing what people are experiencing, we design conversational tools and train people to use them to engage their people groups in vital conversations about what is missing and what is needed.  We discover untapped strengths, creativity, gifts, talents, resources, ideas, and dreams.  The conversations allow people to connect their heads, hearts, passions, talents, and stories to building trust, faith, communication skills, and relationships that are essential to solve problems, create new solutions, restore hope and faith, and give people a sense of newfound purpose.

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