Our Team

Though our team is small in number, we equip members of our community and the surrounding region for transformation within their own teams, families, and organizations.


Glenn Sprunger

Founder & Executive Director

Glenn designs tools and nurtures people in every sphere in which he works.  Spirit-Driven gives him a vehicle through which this passion can be multiplied.


Sue Sprunger

Administrative Assistant

Sue brings organization through attention to detail, which aides the sustaining of day-to-day organizational operations.

Our Board

Our board serves as the advisory committee to the steer the strategic direction of the organization.  It is a blend of individuals who have personal experience working alongside the organization, individuals who possess a specific skillset, or are well connected to the community sectors in which we routinely work.


Jesus Christ


The organization acknowledges its Head to be Jesus Christ and the Board operating under His direction and leadership.


John Boyd

Vice Chair

John brings experience in the legal field to ensure proper conformity of the organization to its external obligations.


Jeremiah Nguapha


Jeremiah brings experience in finance to ensure proper documentation and accountability for the organization.


Cynthia Berry


Cynthia brings experience with the school systems to guide implementation of tools and groups within the local community.

Groups are Forming!

Have you considered crafting space in your schedule to invest in your own personal growth and development?  Consider looking into our groups.