Jesus’ invitation to you

I’m following Jesus.  Would you like to join me?  I’m going to spend the rest of my life intentionally investing in people who want to follow Jesus and to reach people for Christ.  I care about you and the eternal destiny of those around you.  I believe that God has designed you to reflect Him and to bring Him glory.  I believe that God has loaded you up with just the right personality, gifts, experiences, and people to change the world for Christ.  Would you like to join me?  I’m following Jesus’ lead. 

What if you invest your life in becoming a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ?  What if God’s Word became so real to you that it got fleshed out and communicated through your words and actions?  What if you became known for your radical allegiance to Christ and to showing people how much God loves them?  What would you have to give up in order to go all-in with Jesus?

Although I’m quite skilled at understanding how we’re shaped by our past, I’m compelled to let go of anything and everything from my past and present life that gets in the way of reaching people for Christ.

Life is too short, and it’s time to take action.  God gave each of us a love and passion that He wants to use to reach and to disciple those around us.  No person is too far gone or out of the reach of God’s grace and mercy.  Some of the greatest rebels are waiting for us to invest in them so that they become rebels for Christ. 

Instead of hypnotically drifting into a trance state where we become distant, detached, and despondent, I believe it’s time to do the exact opposite.  Jesus is inviting us to become His intentional followers who radically live and love in community.  Instead of looking for excuses to avoid people, we should create opportunities to bring people together to share Christ.  Our prayer life should compel us into action because Jesus is interceding and inviting us to journey with Him into freedom so that we are reaching people for Christ. 

What do you have to lose?  What do you have to gain?  What do you have to give up to become an intentional Christ-follower?  How do you become a disciple-maker who makes disciple-makers?  If these questions bother you, it’s probably for a good reason.  Who would be most upset with you if you gave up everything for Christ?  Can you imagine the impact if we join together and intentionally become equipped to reach out into our communities and build bridges with people who are lost and who need Jesus?

When was the last time you led someone to Christ? 

Who are the people around you that need Jesus?

What do you have in common with them?

Are you building relational bridges to bring them to Christ?

Is your home a place where you invite people in to discover the love of Christ?

Are you getting so close to Jesus that He’s rubbing off on you and changing the way you live?

What difference is Jesus making in your life right now?

Want to join me and reach people for Christ?  Got questions?  Got pain?  Got problems?  Got passion?  Got gifts?  Got time?  Got dreams?  Got contexts where you’re with struggling people?  As each one of us is reaching one for Christ, the world is going to radically change for the good.  If you have obstacles in your own life that are preventing you from experiencing Christ in life or sharing Christ in life, I would love to have the opportunity to come alongside you and journey with you into freedom.  Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted and to set captives free.  It is for your freedom that Christ came and gave His all.  You’re going through what you’re going through right now for a reason, and you don’t have to know how God is going to use all of this for His glory.    

Billy Graham used to say, “Won’t you come?”  He invited people to come, confess sin, receive Jesus’ forgiveness, and welcome Jesus into their hearts and homes.  My dad came to Christ from a Billy Graham invitation.  Jesus’ open-armed invitation is for all who are weary and burdened.  Worn out from stress?  Got burdens?  Rest and peace are only found by responding to Jesus’ invitation.  “Won’t you come?” 

If you’ve responded to Jesus’ invitation, He also wants to transform you through His love, grace, and truth and to set you free.  Jesus also wants to use your pain and your problems to connect you with hurting people to share the message of His hope.  The Lord wants to give His invitation and welcome people into the Kingdom of God through you.  Jesus wants to turn your heart and your home into places where His Holy Spirit is radically transforming you to love Jesus and His people deeply from the heart. 

Invitations happen in relationships.  Healing and transformation oftentimes happen through engaging in redemptive community.  You can play a key role in building a connected community where your home and neighborhood become your mission field.  Just as Jesus invites us to open our heart and home to His redeeming love, Jesus invites us to open our hearts and our homes to people who need Him.  As you respond to Jesus’s invitation, life will become anything but predictable or dull.  Jesus will give you opportunities to touch the lives around you, but you’ll never be able to do it unless you’re deeply abiding in Him and living in spiritual community.  We need each other, and we’re better together. 

Crawl up on Jesus’ lap today. He’ll make room for you. Unload what’s on your heart.


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