Camper Tails:  I care

I care so much for Camper that I take him for walks every day.  Camper helps me stay in shape and helps me make new friends along the way.  Exercising one part of my body energizes me to get in shape in other ways.  The more I feed my body daily exercise and healthy foods, the more healthful my body feels, and it just keeps asking for more.      

I care for Camper by cleaning his ears and giving him baths.  Camper gets into things that make him stink. Camper helps me continually come to Jesus with my sin and burdens so they don’t clog up my ears and keep me from being the aroma of Jesus’ presence in my life to others.  How I thank the Lord for forgiving all of my sins and for compelling me to forgive others.  Camper and I need daily cleansing.

I care for Camper by playing with him throughout the day.  Playfully engaging with those around us keeps us young and connected, and it keeps us from taking ourselves, each other, and life too seriously.  The more I play, the more that I want to play.  My dad and I decided long ago to never grow up.  Growing up is overrated.  I love to play and turn every moment I can into a game whether at work or play.  I play my way into the hearts and lives of those who need Jesus and His help and healing. 

I care for Camper by making time to brush and groom him.  Even though I believe that hair is overrated, having a curly fluffball like Camper makes me slow down and give him special care. 

If I don’t take special care of my heart and my emotions, I could become entwined with pride, lust, envy, anger, hatred, bitterness, jealousy, or busyness.  Camper and I start our days with Jesus together in prayer, surrender, Bible exploration, and repentance, and we let go of anything that is entangling us.  We want to be free and ready for what God has planned for us each day.

I care for Camper by giving him my time and attention.  Just like young kids, as soon as I’m not giving Camper my attention, he gets into everything that he shouldn’t.  Camper loves to play chase.  Here’s how the game goes:  When I start talking to people and ignore him, he finds everything he shouldn’t have and gets us to chase him around the house until we retrieve the stolen item.  Do God and people around you have to work to get and keep your attention? 

I care for Camper by slowing down and taking naps.  If you know what refreshes and restores you, then you must do what it takes to stay fresh and rested.  Jesus gives us a 24-7 invitation to come to Him to find His rest.  If we ignore Jesus and good self-care, we’ll get worn out by people and problems and lose our edge and freshness.  No one wants my spiritual leftovers or my second best.  Having an over-the-top, caring, and energetic dog helps me to pay attention to caring well for myself and for others.

If you think that you’re too busy or too humble to care daily for yourself, you may need your chain pulled.  When I neglect good self-care, then I’m more likely to infect those around me with what’s wrong instead of what’s right.  I don’t want to spend my time and money going to the doctor to treat me for what’s wiped me out.  Instead, I want my life and my body to be healthy for God’s Spirit to inhabit and to use for His glory.  If I’m to love God with my all and to love others in the same manner that I love and care for myself, then I must be a good steward of each and every part of my life and body.  When I thank God and praise God by caring for Camper, for me, and for you, I pray that I’m setting an example that pleases God and is worthy of others emulating.  As I try to imitate Christ, I hope and pray that you’re falling more in love with Jesus and becoming more healthy and more playful every day. 

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