God gives abundantly when friends give abundantly!

Imagine you’re at the county fair (September 11, 2023)  You’re sitting in the grandstand, you’re gazing at a beautify sunset, and everyone is singing “Just be held” accompanied by Casting Crowns.  Monday was an incredible evening of worshiping Jesus.  My tank got refilled, and it was well with my soul.  Tuesday was even better when I received word from Virginia that I became a grampa.  Our life and health can be so fragile.  Having spent the weekend in bed feeling sick, I’m amazed how God makes us well amidst our weakness.  He orchestrates the times and ways of giving us just what’s needed and fills us with a sense of His wonder.  God is wonderful. 

God even gives my puppy, Camper, his favorite gifts when we go for walks with Jesus.

I opened my journal and started to write “Just be held,” and here’s what I heard and wrote.  Experiencing my sweet embrace and my fresh love is all you need to do today.  When you’re not too busy, too distracted, or too anxious, you can just take in my perfect healing love that satisfies all the longings of your soul.  Rest.  Relax.  Experience peace and felt safety.  Be secure because you are secure in my love.  None of this is earned or deserved.  It all comes from just being my loved, saved, and sanctified child. 

It’s good that you don’t push away, rush away, or try to think or figure this all out.  When you were a baby, your parents just held you too—because I gave them the gift of you.  Treasure the moments we have together, and treasure the moments that I give you each day.  Come to me.  Receive from me.  Then give from a full love tank.  I will daily refill your tank with all that you need.  Your well will never run dry.  Come to my well and drink of my living water and be healed and satisfied. 

You are loved just the way that I made you.  Now enjoy you and love my kids—each and every one of them—the way that I made them.  Create loving bonds with people wherever you are and wherever you go.  I’m always with you and I’m working through you for my glory.

Have you noticed that when you are with Jesus, He has a tender and gentle way of letting you know when you’re “on” and when you’re “off?”  As I was reflecting with Jesus on my life and my messages, I noticed that I’ve been using the words of my mentor I heard years ago.  “Pursue health for what health demands.”  Today, the Wonderful Counselor reminded me that my message was off.  We’re to pursue Christ and what Christ demands.  Christ makes us well, and Christ fills will our well with all that is good from Him.

While I intentionally pursue holistic health, Jesus Christ is the Giver and the Sustainer of all life and health. None of our systems work unless God makes them work.  We are completely dependent upon God to sustain us.  God breathes new life and health into our bodies.  When we begin to emphasize one important aspect of our well-being, we can easily lose track of equally important parts of our health.  I can become extremely passionate about helping people pursue spiritual, mental, emotional, or relational health, but if I’m neglecting my physical health, my body stops working. 

Jesus gave His all for us to be free.  When our hearts are set free, all of our parts can become free.

My relationships are only as healthy, connected, and close as the amount of time I invest in developing my relationships.  Our lives are so impacted by those nearby that we may be only as healthy as the people around us.  When we pursue Christ and health together, we can all get better.  As one person is experiencing God and becoming healthier, God may be teaching the next person something different.  “As Iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.”  (Proverbs 27:17)   We can learn and grow and build up one another.  We can also correct and restore one another when we’re “off.”  “As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. (Ephesians 4:16).

How is your heart today?

Which part(s) of you get a lot of attention and are healthy?

Which part(s) are you neglecting that need your attention to become healthier?

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    1. My favorite Blue friend.

      You are a true gift and friend of God.
      Thanks for your encouragement along life’s way.
      May the Lord lavish His blessings upon you.


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