AW Tozer prayer

Desire Me above all else.  Leave your burdens, and all the burdens of others, at My feet.  Yes, all your worries, compassion (fatigue), everything and everyone.  All your prayers, people, loved ones… They’re Mine to love and to bear.  I died for all My children’s pain and problems. 

Let go, Christian, and drop them into the well of my boundless love and compassion—I love and care for them in just the right way.  The “gift of people” and the “gift of pain” go together.  You can’t love deeply from your heart without feeling hurt when they hurt, pull away, don’t want you, or don’t need you.  My people do this to Me all the time.

Don’t push away, or pull away, or build a case against Me, or My beloved children, especially the precious loved ones that I’ve given you.  Just keep loving your family and My loved ones deeply from your heart.  Don’t become embittered, and never turn to something or someone else.  Daily come to Me and be refreshed by My love.  Then your family, friends, and neighbors can experience Me living in and through you.  Fill up now before you go and to continue to make disciples as I lead you. 

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